AZAKI KHOIRUDIN MEMBERI KULIAH DI NUS (National University of Singapore)

National University of Singapore (NUS) will held the Indonesian Lecture Series in the topic of al-'Ashr theology by Kiai Haji Ahmad Dahlan. This topic is important in understanding Muhammadiyah as a whole, especially in relation to the "ethos of Muhammadiyah" and the "spirit of its civilization" which was developed by the organization a century ago. Many of the works on Muhammadiyah focuses on its relation to the theology of al-Maun. The theology of al-'Ashr, however, has disappeared from the discourse of Muhammadiyah despite the fact that this theology has been the basis for its movement. Furthermore, the al-'Ashr theology could also be seen as the foundation in the construction of the Muhammadiyah movement. Mr. Azaki Khoirudin will completely discuss the topic, at the Siri Sastera Indonesia, NUS by 24 Oct. 2015.